HG ECO citric acid descalerthe environment-friendly descaler for your espresso or pod-coffee machines

HG ECO citric acid descalerthe environment-friendly descaler for your espresso or pod-coffee machines

HG eco citric acid descaler is our sustainable and environment-friendly descaler in the HG ECO range. HG eco citric acid descaler ensures that your espresso or pod-coffee machines are free from limescale again, to make the most of your coffee flavour. HG eco citric acid descaler is free from ingredients that might harm the environment, and is therefore also a conscious choice. Keep your coffee machines free from limescale using HG eco citric acid descaler to guarantee your coffee will always taste its best.

  • Based on citric acid
  • Sustainable descaler
  • Sufficient for 6 treatments
  • HG cleaning power and effectiveness

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Remove limescale from your espresso and/or pod-coffee machines with an environment-friendly product

Removing limescale from your espresso and pod-coffee machines is essential for the flavour of your coffee and the operating speed of your machine. By regularly treating and cleaning your machines, you can always enjoy the full coffee flavour and optimum operating speed.

How do you use HG ECO citric acid descaler?

Follow the steps below to use HG eco citric acid descaler:

  1. Pour 75 ml HG eco descaler into the water reservoir.
  2. Add water up to the 750 ml mark (10 x diluted).
  3. Switch on the machine.
  4. Let half of the liquid run through.
  5. Switch the machine off and leave the product to work for 10 minutes.
  6. Now switch it back on so that the rest runs through until the water reservoir is empty.
  7. After treatment, rinse the reservoir thoroughly and fill it with clean tap water.
  8. Operate the machine at least 3 times with only clean water, to remove any limescale residue or aftertaste.
  • When cleaning a pod-coffee machine, you can start by placing a pod holder with used coffee pod in the machine. This will catch any limescale residue. If there is still limescale residue left after treatment, repeat the treatment as necessary.

The HG ECO philosophy: 3 principles

By introducing our new ECO range, we want to offer you the possibility of an environment-friendly choice. HG offers a total of 12 ECO products for the following areas: bathroom, kitchen, living room and utility room & fabrics. The following steps have been taken to arrive at our new ECO range:

1. HG ECO products are less harmful to the environment.

  • Free from preservatives, phosphates, phosphonates, colourings and micro-plastics.
  • Free from ingredients such as allergens, parabens and chlorine.
  • Packaging made of 100% recyclable materials.

2. HG ECO products are just as effective as the other HG products. HG does what it promises.

3. The use and convenience of HG ECO products are identical to the regular HG range.

HG ECO citric acid descaler

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