HG hob thorough cleanerThé effective hob thorough cleaner

HG hob thorough cleanerThé effective hob thorough cleaner

HG hob thorough cleaner safely and effectively removes stubborn grease, grime, calcium and cooked-on food on all types of induction and ceramic hobs. The effective hob thorough cleaner has a fresh fragrance and gives a protective shine. The hob looks brand new!

  • Removes stubborn grime and cooked-on food
  • Also gives a protective shine
  • Suitable for ceramic hobs, induction hobs, gas hobs and glass hobs

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Highly effective hob cleaner with dirt-resistant glossy top layer

Need to clean your hob?This highly effective hob cleaner removes stubborn grime and cooked-on food on all types of cooktops. Particularly effective on grime such as baking grease or cooked-on food. The highly effective hob cleaner can be used on glass cooktops as well as a thorough cleaner for induction cooktop.

Very powerful yet safe for every hob! And it leaves your cooktop with a grime-resistant, shiny layer. HG hob thorough cleaner takes care of stubborn grime and grease on the hob fast and effectively.

How do you use HG hob thorough cleaner?

Follow the steps below for correct use of HG hob thorough cleaner.

  1. Apply HG hob thorough cleaner with a cloth and rub the product onto the induction or ceramic hob. 
  2. Then wipe off the hob with a clean and rinsed-out cloth. 
  3. Polish to a shine with a dry cloth.
  4. The hob is clean again!

The highly effective hob cleaner must be stored upright. For daily cleaning of all types of induction and ceramic hobs, we recommend HG hob cleaner. This daily cleaner is also safe for the cooktop and easily removes the daily grime after cooking. When there is grease in the rest of your kitchen, then HG grease away is the answer!

HG hob thorough cleaner
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