A wonderfully clean living room! But.... How to keep it that way?

Well, simply opt for the HG specialist products, as HG offers THE solution for any cleaning and maintenance problem in your kitchen.

And as THE specialist in cleaning and maintenance, HG actually offers a solution for all problems in and around the home. Therefore also for the living room, bathroom and all other rooms in your home.

Check out the products below for a brilliantly clean kitchen.

Stains on the sofa are no longer a drama.

Relax in the living room, watch a talent show or an exciting football match on telly with a drink and some crisps. It's much less fun once greasy crisps fingers stain the sofa, or even worse, someone spills a glass of wine over your new carpet. Disaster! Luckily, it's not. With one of the HG stain sprays, the problem is solved in no time. Besides HG stain spray, there is also HG stain spray extra strong for the most troublesome stains. Spray, leave to work a few minutes and remove the loosened dirt with an absorbing cloth.

Stains on the sofa are no longer a drama.

2 products that can help

HG spot & stain spray cleaner

  • With dirt-repellent effect

HG stain spray extra strong

  • Enhanced with active oxygen

Those nasty stickers will be gone quickly.

Nearly everything you buy has one of those irritating, hard to remove stickers. Whether it's a table, a vase or a photo frame. Some of them can be removed relatively easily, but others can be very stubborn. Even worse are the stickers that children use to decorate their cupboards and room doors. Fortunately, there is HG sticker remover. Does it only work on annoying stickers? No. This product is also very effective at removing rubber adhesives, adhesive tape, tar spatters, grease stains, oil, heel marks and many other problems, from virtually all surfaces.

Those nasty stickers will be gone quickly.

Other products to remove sticky substances

HG floor glue remover

  • Much better than all others

HG silicon seal remover

  • Even for the most stubborn sealant

HG sticker remover

  • Removes e.g. sticker glue, rubber-based glue, sellotape, tar and smear marks

Enjoy your dog without nasty smells.

Your dog is your best friend, but the smell probably isn’t. Whatever the cause of those smells may be, HG eliminator of all unpleasant smells quickly deals with it. HG eliminator of all unpleasant smells is a completely natural product that does not simply mask those irritating smells with another smell, but instead truly neutralises them. Unpleasant smells from cooking, frying and roasting disappear quickly with HG neutraliser for all bad smells.

Enjoy your dog without nasty smells.

3 products that can help

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