This is the website of and when you visit our website, we record:

  • Your surfing behaviour on our website. We use this information to help our visitors and to develop and improve our website.
  • Your e-mail address and name when you subscribe to the HG newsletter. This information is only used to keep you informed of our special offers, new products and tips. You can unsubscribe from our HG newsletter here.
  • Your name, e-mail address, telephone number, delivery address and payment details to complete the order. These details are stored in a secured environment.

HG uses cookies to achieve this. What are cookies?

This website uses cookies. A cookie is a simple small file that is sent with the pages of this website and/or Flash applications and stored by your browser on the hard disk of your computer. The information they contain is sent back to our servers during a subsequent visit.

HG uses these cookies for the following purposes:
To record information sessions, such as information about what you add to your shopping basket.

To record your activities on the site in order to offer you a better service during your next visit (see ‘Use of permanent cookies’ and ‘Use of session cookies’).

To collect data about the use of our site and the feedback from the visitors to our site to continue developing and improving our site.

Use of permanent cookies

By using a permanent cookie we can recognise you when you visit our website again. This enables our website to create settings for your preferences. When you have given permission for placing cookies, we can withdraw this by means of a cookie. This means you do not have to keep repeating your preferences, which saves time and makes using our website more convenient. You can remove permanent cookies in the settings of your browser.
Use of session cookies
By using session cookies we can see which parts of the website you viewed on this visit. It enables us to make sure our services respond to our visitors' surfing behaviour in the best possible way. These cookies are removed automatically as soon as you close your browser.

HG does not sell your details!
HG shall not sell your personal details to third parties and only makes them available to third parties that are involved with completing your order. All persons who work with personal details shall treat those confidentially.

Google Analytics

Via our website we will place a cookie from the American company Google, as part of their “Analytics” service. We use this service to track and receive reports on how our visitors use the website. Google is able to provide this information to third parties if Google has a statutory obligation to do so, or insofar as third parties process the information on behalf of Google. This is beyond our control. We did  not give Google permission to use the obtained analytics information for other Google services.

The information collected by Google is anonymised as much as possible. Your IP address is specifically not included. The information is transferred to and stored by Google on the servers in the United States. Google states to comply with the Safe Harbor principles and opted into the Safe Harbor programme of the US Department of Commerce. This means there is a suitable protection level for processing any personal details.

Social media

Our website includes buttons for promoting websites (“like”) or sharing them (“tweeting”) on social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. These buttons use pieces of code that came from Facebook and Twitter, respectively. This code places cookies. This is beyond our control. Please read the privacy statements of Facebook and Twitter, which may be amended regularly, to read what they do with the personal details they process by means of those cookies.”
"The information they collect is anonymised as much as possible. The information is transferred to and stored by Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn on servers in the United States. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ state to comply with the Safe Harbor principles and opted into the Safe Harbor programme of the US Department of Commerce. This means there is a suitable protection level for processing any personal details.

Right to access, correct or remove your details

You have the right to ask for access to and to correct or remove your details. Please see our contact page for more details. In order to prevent misuse, we may ask you to provide adequate identification. When it concerns access to personal details linked to a cookie, you must send a copy of the cookie in question. You can find those in the settings of your browser.
You would prefer not to have cookies? It is easy to unsubscribe!
You can use the browser settings on your computer to remove cookies that were placed, to refuse the placing of new cookies or to receive a warning before a cookie is placed. You can also activate the ‘do not track’ functionality in your browser. The way in which you change the settings differs from browser to browser:

Remember, if you refuse and/or remove cookies, you cannot always use all the options of a website. Switching off cookies only has consequences for the computer and browser on which you perform that action. If you use several computers and/or browsers you need to repeat this action on each of those.