Cleaning and maintenance products for Outside of car

Which treatment does it concern?

cleaning windows stripelessly

HG car windscreen cleaner

€ 2,99

cleaning, shining and protecting stainless steel, chrome, copper and aluminum parts

HG metal shine

€ 7,29

intensive cleaning of hands after DIY, without damage to the skin

HG hand cleansing gel

€ 6,99

Prevent windscreens from freezing

HG against freezing windscreens

€ 6,99

quick and easy removal of ice and snow from windscreens

HG windscreen de-icer

€ 4,99

quick and thorough cleaning of alloy wheels/ steel rims

HG wheel rim cleaner

€ 7,99

quick and thorough cleaning of synthetic hubcaps

HG intensive plastic cleaner

€ 3,99

removing stubborn insect deposits

HG insect remover

€ 3,99

removing tar and grease stains

HG sticker remover

€ 5,75

washing and waxing in one treatment

HG car wax shampoo

€ 5,95

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