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HG chimney soot remover

HG chimney soot remover

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Chimney soot remover for removing soot and tar

Many home fires are caused by soot build up in the open hearth, multi-burner and chimney flue. The tar and soot build up in the chimney is caused by unburned particles that stick to the chimney walls.

This occurs when burning wood-burning stoves, oil stoves, open hearths, multi-burners or coal stoves. Root build up is extremely flammable. This chimney root remover releases fumes that remove this build up.

How do you use HG chimney soot remover?

Follow the steps below to remove soot and tar build up quickly and easily with HG chimney soot remover.

  1. Make sure that the fire in the open hearth or multi-burner is burning strongly. 
  2. Use the inside of the cap as a measuring cup. Fill the cap with 40 ml of chimney soot remover. This is equivalent to approximately 2 tablespoons. 
  3. Then toss or sprinkle the HG chimney soot remover into the fire. 
  4. The chimney soot remover does the rest.
  5. Build up in the chimney is prevented if you repeat the chimney soot remover treatment after having lit the fire four times. 
HG chimney soot remover

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