HG leather dye kit blackA new lease of life for leather furniture

HG leather dye kit blackA new lease of life for leather furniture

With HG leather dye kit black you complete just 4 steps to have a sofa or chair that is like new. The HG leather dye kit contains HG leather dye black, HG leather dye primer, a tray, a brush and a roller holder with an acrylate roller and a foam roller. With the new dye technology it is extremely easy to give your leather furniture a new colour. With HG leather dye black the leather stays flexible and will be hard to tell apart from new. 

  • A new lease of life for leather furniture
  • So easy it's child's play
  • Astounding result

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HG leather dye kit protects your furniture against damage

HG leather dye is extremely strong and protects your furniture against damage, stains and dirt. So what happens if there is damage to the dye coating? Well, nothing really! It is really easy to repair the leather dye.

Besides the HG leather dye kit black, there are 4 more colours available, being dark brown, burgundy red, dark blue and cream.

Should there be serious damage to your furniture, such as tears, holes and/or scratches, we recommend using HG leather repairer for furniture. With this leather dye kit, you have everything you need to give your sofa a new lease of life.

Content of the HG leather dye kit black:

  • HG leather dye black
  • HG leather dye primer
  • Tray for the dye
  • Brush
  • Roller holder with an acrylate roller and a foam roller.

How do you use HG leather dye kit black?

Complete the following steps to use HG leather dye kit black:

  1. First clean the leather furniture with methylated spirits. Use a clean cloth, rubbing with circular movements. 
  2. Apply HG leather dye primer to the leather with the supplied foam roller and a paint tray. It is sufficient to apply one coat of dye. HG leather dye primer is sufficient to deal with a two-seater sofa. After these two steps you start applying the HG leather dye black. Shake well before use. Remove cushions where possible and treat these separately. Keep cushions that cannot be removed in a different position, with tape or rope, to ensure that you can dye the back of the cushions and under the cushions. Divide your leather furniture into squares where possible, and complete steps 3 and 4 per square or cushion. 
  3. Pour HG leather dye black in the supplied paint tray and treat all parts that are hard to reach with a roller, such as seams, stitching and buttons, with the supplied brush. 
  4. Use the supplied acrylate paint roller to apply a thin and even coat of HG leather dye black to the leather. Roll in one direction first and then into the direction at right angles to this to spread the dye evenly. After approximately 2 hours, it will be dry and the second coat can be applied.

HG leather dye kit black

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