HG patio cleanerThé concentrated patio cleaner for terrace tiles

HG patio cleanerThé concentrated patio cleaner for terrace tiles

HG patio cleaner is a strong, concentrated patio cleaner developed especially for effectively cleaning terrace tiles. Our patio cleaner cleans dirty, dull gravel and concrete tiles. After a treatment with HG patio cleaner terrace tiles will look like new again!

  • Very suitable for gravel tiles
  • Also for other patio tiles and paving stones
  • Immediate results

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HG patio cleaner

HG patio cleaner

€ 6,79


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How do you use HG patio cleaner?

Cleaning garden tiles? Follow the steps below to make dull gravel and concrete tiles clean again with this HG patio cleaner:

  1. Wet the tiles first, do not forget the grout and wipe up any puddles.
  2. Mix HG patio cleaner with 4L of water in a container that fits a stiff broom, in a washing-up bucket for example.
  3. Dunk the broom in the bucket and apply the brick and patio cleaner whilst scrubbing. Leave it to work for a few minutes.
  4. Then scrub again and rinse the tiles with plenty of water before the liquid dries out.
HG patio cleaner

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