HG rust stain removerRust remover for all surfaces

HG rust stain removerRust remover for all surfaces

HG rust stain remover easily and safely removes rust stains and other oxidation stains from all types of ceramic tiles, concrete, marble, roof tiles, metal and wood. After a treatment with our rust remover these surfaces will look like new again!

  • Suitable for all types of natural stone, wood, ceramic tiles and roof tiles
  • Acid free

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HG rust stain remover

HG rust stain remover

€ 15,95


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The safe and easy rust remover

This rust stain remover is acid free and therefore absolutely safe for use on ceramic tiles, concrete, roof tiles, metal and wood, but also marble, blue stone, concrete bricks and other calciferous stone.

How do you use HG rust stain remover?

Remove rust stains easily and safely? Follow the steps below for correct use of HG rust stain remover.

  1. Use HG rust stain remover on a dry surface. 
  2. Spray it on the oxidation or rust stains so they are fully covered with liquid. There will be discolouring, and iron corrosion will be purple. 
  3. Leave the product to work for approximately 5 minutes. You can leave it to work for 15 minutes, but prevent drying out. If necessary, spray more rust remover onto the oxidation or rust stains.
  4. After leaving it to work, wipe off the liquid with a tissue or a cloth. 
  5. Before the treated surface dries out, rinse with plenty of water until the discolouring has disappeared.
HG rust stain remover

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