HGX fly paperThe effortless way to trap flies

HGX fly paperThe effortless way to trap flies

HGX fly paper is an extremely effective and effortless way to trap flies.  This fly paper is also safe in use, as the special sticky tape does not contain any toxic substances.

  • Extremely strong sticky tape
  • Does not contain toxic substances
  • Absolutely odourless
  • Content: 4 traps

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HGX fly paper

HGX fly paper

€ 2,95


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How do you use HGX fly paper?

Complete the following steps to eradicate flies in the house effectively and for a long time with HGX fly paper.

  1. Take the loop of the HGX fly paper in one hand and the cylinder in the other. 
  2. Pull the loop slowly with little force and a circular movement (to the left). The sticky tape now comes from the cylinder.
  3. Remove the drawing pin from the loose lid and use it to hang up the fly paper by the loop. 

When you've hung up the fly paper, it will straighten out automatically.

HGX fly paper

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