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Why HG?

HG has been the specialist in terms of cleaning and protection in and around the house since 1969. Thanks to our wide range, we offer specific solutions for virtually all imaginable problems when it comes to cleaning, protection and beautification. All our products are developed and produced in our own laboratory and factory. Quality always comes first, the HG products therefore do what the label promises. No wonder our slogan is: HG does what it promises! This has made us the absolute market leader in the Benelux for many years.

Our company is 100% Dutch, with own branches in various countries, employing a total of 200 people who work with great enthusiasm and dedication each day. The head office and also production location is in Almere, the Netherlands. Here, we produce around 300 different HG quality products that are sold worldwide to millions of consumers in more than 45 countries.

  • Specialist since 1969

    In 1969 the company Van Altena B.V. with the import of HG products in the Netherlands. From the 1970s, all HG products are developed and produced at our production location (and also head office) in Almere.

  • Wide range

    HG is the specialist and now supplies more than 300 products for cleaning, maintenance and repair in and around the house. Each product has been specially developed by us for a specific problem.

  • Qualitative products

    All products are developed and tested in our own Technology & Research (T&R) department. Quality is paramount! Only when a product really does what it promises does it come on the market. It is not without reason that our slogan is: HG Does what it promises. The T&R department continues to innovate.

  • Market leader in the Benelux

    Our quality quickly became a success and the HG products can therefore be found in more and more households. People who use our products experience the quality and effectiveness. We have been the absolute market leader in the Benelux for years.

  • Sold worldwide

    In the eighties we started to export from the Netherlands. The products that we develop and produce in Almere are now sold to millions of people in more than 45 countries.

Tips for maintenance and cleaning

Tips for maintenance and cleaning

Every day brings a cleaning or maintenance job. From the occasional descaling or cleaning of your Nespresso machine to the weekly scrubbing of the floor or removing mould in the bathroom. HG has collected a number of tips for the following tasks:

• Cleaning various rooms in the home
• Maintaining appliances
• DIY jobs indoors and out
• Maintaining the garden and patio

Did you know, for example, that a monthly maximum temperature wash helps keep your washing machine clean? And that snails don't like garlic? Navigate through the various categories above to find useful tips to help you in housework and DIY jobs!

Most important general cleaning tip

The most important tip for any cleaning and maintenance is to do it regularly. If you clean the regularly used kitchen cupboard handles every day for example, bacteria have less chance to develop. If you descale the bathroom every week, it's a lot less work than when you delay the process, and a stubborn layer of limescale forms in the meantime. And what about your jewellery? The more often you polish it, the more beautiful it will stay.

Questions, or do you have a tip for us?

Is there a category we haven't covered, or do you have your own useful tip for cleaning or maintenance? Please let us know. Please also contact us if you have a question or a comment.

Most important general cleaning tip