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Ant removal? Ant infestations happen mainly during summer or spring. During these seasons they are looking for food and will happily enter your house in order to get food. You might wonder how to remove ants and how to prevent them from entering your house? The tips below will give you various handy methods to exterminate ants and to remove or (even better) prevent a possible ant infestation.

Why are there ants in the house?

Ants enter your house because they are constantly looking for food during spring and summer. Therefore it is important to remove the food source or enticement from your house, so the ants have no reason to come in.

But it is really difficult to remove all food sources. You may have pet food, a few crumbs on the floor or sugar cubes in the kitchen cabinet. Ants are attracted to even the smallest of food sources.

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4 tips for preventing an ant infestation in your house

HG has the best way to get rid of ants, both inside and outside, such as HGX ant bait box and HGX spray against ants. Of course preventing an ant problem is even better! But how do you do that exactly? See the 4 tips below on how to prevent ants in the house and other unwanted places.

mieren bestrijden in huis1. Spread out some talcum powder
Spread out some talcum powder or draw a line of chalk on the ground in front of the entrance where the ants are coming in. These products contain a substance that ants dislike. 

2. Make sure your house is kept clean
Crumbs, easily accessible food and dirty dishes are a feast for ants. And do not forget to immediately clean up spilled food, drinks and sweet substances.

3. Store your food in closed containers
Store your food in closed containers by using clamps on bags of crisps, bread bags and other packaged foods. Airtight containers also help to prevent an ant infestation.

4. Place copper coins
Place copper wiring or copper coins outside of your house. Ants do not like copper and will certainly not cross over them. Placing copper outside your house works great as an ant control.

Three DIY methods for ant pest control

There are a few DIY methods for ant pest control often mentioned on other websites and blogs. Note: these methods do not guarantee success.

1. Lead them astray with mint, coffee or cucumber
As soon as they have found a food source, ants create a scent trail. The colony follows this trail and they eventually end up in your house. Lead them astray by thoroughly cleaning the floor with soap and removing the scent trail. Or put a bag of mint tea, coffee grounds or cucumber slices on the trail to break up the trail.

2. A syrup trap
Make a syrup trap for ants. Cover the trap in foil and make holes in it. Make sure to make it so that the ants can get into the trap, but not out again.

3. Use lemon juice
Make a spray with a mixture of lemon juice and washing-up liquid. Ants detest citric acid, so this can be used as a deterrent. Mix 1 part of lemon juice to 3 parts of water. Spray the mixture on the ants or on the trail they follow into your house. In addition to spraying, you can also pour lemon juice on the outside edges of your house. The strong citrus smell will deter ants. 

Still have an ant infestation? Then why not try the HG solutions developed especially for ant pest control.

HG is thé solution for getting rid of ants in the house

mieren in huisAre you still having an ant problem and looking for the best way to kill ants? HG offers various effective solutions. HGX spray against ants is a stain-free and very effective spray. Thanks to its long working time of 4 to 6 weeks, this product is a perfect way to get rid of ants in your house. Do you also want to exterminate the ants in the anthill? HG has two products for this, HGX ant bait box for inside and HGX ant powder for outdoors. 

The HGX ant bait box is an effective ant pest control. The unwanted guests carry the active ingredient back from the ant bait box to the anthill, killing all the ants in the anthill.

The ants also take the HGX ant powder back to the anthill. This product was developed for outdoor use and you can sprinkle it anywhere you see anthill entrances. This makes this product also very effective for getting rid of anthills.

*Use biocides safely. Read the label and the product information before use.

Do you have a good tip for getting rid of ants in the house? Let us know!

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Recommended product
HGX spray against ants

Recommended product

HGX spray against ants


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