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Catching fruit flies Fruit flies can be a real problem, especially in the summer. During that time of the year food crumbs or ripening fruit become extremely attractive to these irritating and rapidly reproducing flies. They seem to appear out of nowhere and - since they are so small - they can get into absolutely everything. They take over the kitchen, landing in a glass of rosé or juice or are attracted like magnets to your coffee or espresso machine. Fortunately there are various methods you can try to get rid of fruit flies and even to prevent them. Here are some handy tips. wat handige tips.

4 tips for preventing fruit flies in the house

HGX fruit-fly trap is thé best solution for getting rid of fruit flies in house, but a fruit fly deterrent to prevent them is of course better. Do you have a problem with fruit flies in your kitchen, bathroom or elsewhere in the house, or did you just get rid of fruit flies and want to prevent them coming back? See our 4 tips for the best way to get rid of fruit flies below. 

1. Throw away all fruit and vegetable remains immediately and check for rotting
As soon as you see a couple of fruit flies in your house it is import to check all of your fruits and vegetables immediately. Dispose of any overripe/rotting fruits or vegetables immediately. Place them in a sealed-off plastic bag or compost bin far away from the house. Then remove any leftover waste, such as juice from the fruit.

fruitvliegjes vangen - vieze vaat

2. The best fruit fly deterrent is making sure your kitchen is always clean!
Clean up and dispose of all food remains, coffee grounds or used espresso pods immediately. To prevent fruit flies in the kitchen, do not forget to clean the drain, cooktops and the cooker hood. And remember to check the refrigerator as well as all the kitchen cabinets. You will often find juice and other food remains that you should remove and clean immediately. These are all sources that attract fruit flies!

3. Do not leave dirty dishes lying around
Do not leave any dirty dishes on the countertop and make sure you do the washing up immediately. Any food remaining on plates, silverware or in pans can attract fruit flies. Especially glasses with (fruit)juice, soft drinks or wine. If you do not have time for the washing up, rinse the dishes well with water.

4. Make sure pans and jars are always closed tightly
Pots and jars where the lid is not closed tightly will attract fruit flies, especially if they contain jam or other sweet substances. So always check to make sure lids are closed tightly.

How to catch fruit flies?

Three DIY methods for catching fruit flies

There are a few DIY methods for catching fruit flies often mentioned on other websites and blogs. Note: these methods do not guarantee success:

1. DIY paper funnel fruit fly trap
A common DIY solution is to make your own trap. Make a funnel with a piece of paper and insert it into the neck of a cup/jar with a piece of fruit or a bit of wine or beer. Make sure the funnel fits snugly in the cup/jar so that the fruit flies cannot escape.

In general, it is quite difficult to make a fruit fly trap yourself that is really effective. If the funnel is not placed absolutely correctly the trap quickly becomes inefficient and you will not be able to get rid of the fruit flies. The advantage of the HGX fruit-fly trap is that once in the trap, the fruit flies can no longer reproduce.

2. Use strong spices
Fruit flies do not like the strong smell of certain spices, such as garlic and cloves. Cut an orange in half and stick in some cloves. Tossing some loose cloves in your fruit basket also works as a fruit fly deterrent. Lavender, dill and basilica are also good fruit fly deterrents and can be placed in the fruit basket.

3. A dish with vinegar, beer or wine
Fill a dish with liquid, e.g. vinegar or alcohol. Cover the dish with clingfilm and poke several holes in it so that the fruit flies can get to the liquid. Then they will get stuck in the trap. This method is also very difficult to make 100% effective.

Still not getting rid of fruit flies? Then why not try the HG solution developed especially for catching fruit flies.

HG is thé solution for catching fruit flies

Want to kill fruit flies quickly and effectively? The pear-shaped HGX fruit-fly trap is an effective and decorative solution. The special trap liquid effectively attracts fruit flies to the trap. And once they are caught? They will not be able to reproduce anymore. A guaranteed quick and efficient way to solve fruit fly problems around the house.

Why do you have a fruit fly problem?

fruitvliegjes vangen - rottend fruit

Fruit flies are attracted by the sweet smells of rotting/fermenting fruit, alcohol, vinegar and other foods or drinks. They can detect these from great distances. Do you have a fruit basket somewhere in the house? Then there will always be some fruit flies that find their way to it. They are very small and can easily enter your house through the tiniest seams and cracks. Once they are inside, they start to reproduce at an incredible rate, especially during summer. So fruit flies quickly become a real problem.

In addition to them entering your house by themselves, you can also bring fruit flies into your own home on the fruit you just bought in the shops. This is because they lay their eggs on very ripe/fermenting fruits and vegetables. So a recently bought banana can already contain lots of eggs. Even if you grow your own fruits and vegetables, your house can get infested by fruit flies. In short, there are various causes of fruit fly problems in your house:

● Fresh fruit from the land/from your vegetable garden
● Fruit in the fruit basket
● A glass with some wine left in it
● Unrefrigerated fruit from the shops
● Fruit and vegetable remains
● Wilted flowers
● Coffee grounds in the coffee machine
● Badly closed compost bin

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Recommended product

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