Tips for cleaning floors

Tips for cleaning floors

Properly cleaning floors can sometimes be a time-consuming task, but the HG tips make it a lot easier! We provide advice on:

Thoroughly cleaning grouting
Removing chewing gum from carpets and other surfaces
Removing cement residue

Removing glue residue from floors or other surfaces is often also tricky. We'd like to give you the best tips on removing glue residue.

Floor cleaning products

If you want to thoroughly clean parquet flooring, wooden floors, laminate and tiled floors, we advise you to opt for products specially designed for each type of floor. It is the only way to be certain that you don’t damage the floor and that it is given the right treatment and protection. Take the HG parquet protective coating matte finish (product 52) for example, that protects the varnish layer of parquet flooring from wear and tear, scratching and other damage. Do you have oil stains on flagstones in the pantry? HG oil stain cleaner will come in handy! HG also has a variety of wooden flooring oils to keep your wooden floor in optimum condition.