Tidy up the garden and the patio

Tidy up the garden and the patio

Spring is usually the best time to tidy up the garden and clean the patio. The garden furniture and flower planters need to be cleaned, and the green algae removed from the flagstones. It's also time to prune bushes such as your buddleia and jasmine, to remove any dead branches and to de-thatch your lawn. Make a start before the plants are in full growth, so that you have space to work, and then also start removing weeds. Start dealing with slugs on time, before they become a plague.

Removing green algae

One of the more time-consuming tasks in spring is removing green algae from your patio, walls and planters. Algae have much more chance to develop in autumn and winter because there is less sunshine and the weather conditions are damper. HG has various tips for you on how to remove green algae. Your patio will soon look neat and tidy again!

Eradicating vermin

Besides tidying up the garden, preventing and eradicating vermin is also part of recurring garden maintenance. You need to eradicate aphids for example, that will otherwise happily eat all your roses, and the mealy bugs that can become a real plague for your grape vines. And of course you also want to prevent any slug problems and ants in and around the home. Especially when ants actually start to invade your home, it is important to deal with them properly. Wasps can also be a very annoying problem. Click on the links above to read more about how to prevent all these and how to tackle them.