Tips: Cleaning gold, silver & copper

What is the best way to clean your jewellery or other gold, silver or copper items? Read some simple tips from HG on maintaining your precious chains, bracelets, rings, sculptures and other items. Discover how you can clean dull precious metal and how you can remove skin grease and dirt.

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Tips to clean jewellery

Tips to clean jewellery

Your valuable jewellery will inevitably become dirty sooner or later. It's in contact with skin grease, which then easily traps dust and general grime. Strangely enough, sometimes they don't even look that bad, but the unnoticed dirt is accumulating and can be a source of bacteria. Regular cleaning is our recommendation!

Cleaning gold, silver and copper jewellery
Gold, silver and copper jewellery worn daily should ideally be cleaned every other week. Clean your other chains, rings and bracelets once a month. Even if you don't wear them or only rarely, they can still become dull, dusty and dirty.

What is the best approach for cleaning jewellery?
HG has many different products to clean your jewellery perfectly. According to some blogs, you can try to clean your gold and silver jewellery with soapy water based on green soap and a soft toothbrush. You can also regularly polish your jewellery using a specially impregnated polishing cloth.

What should you not do when cleaning jewellery?
Never use an aggressive soap or other caustic detergent, and especially not on jewellery containing coloured stones. Jewellery with glued stones should be kept dry, and only polished using a soft cloth. Read more about cleaning silver jewellery and about what to do and not to do.