Cleaning and maintenance products for Terra cotta/ mexican tiles | HG

Which treatment does it concern?

protect against dirt and create rustic look as colour deepens

HG terra cotta wax natural

€ 12,15

protecting against dirt

HG impregnating protector

€ 24,55

protecting against intensive dirt build up

HG stain protector

€ 26,65

removal of oil, grease and wax stains

HG spot stain remover

€ 8,49

remove cement and grout film from terra cotta

HG cement grout film remover

€ 9,95

remove cement and mortar residues

HG cement, mortar & efflorescence remover

€ 10,95

remove deeply ingrained oil and grease stains

HG oil & grease stain absorber

€ 12,95

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