HG car wax shampooThe car shampoo for shine and protection

HG car wax shampooThe car shampoo for shine and protection

HG car wax shampoo is an ultramodern car cleaner. Due to the high concentration, 1 bottle of this car shampoo is sufficient for 50-60 washes. The wax components in our car wash soap produce a beautiful result on any car. It makes 1 bottle of car soap enough for 50-60 washes. Our effective car shampoo with wax is known for its beautiful shine and excellent protection. HG car wax shampoo, deals with a dirty car quickly and effectively.

  • This car shampoo provides more shine and protection
  • Easier to dry off
  • Stays clean longer
  • Enough for approximately 55 washes

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HG car wax shampoo

HG car wax shampoo

€ 5,95


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Car shampoo with wax components

During washing, our car wash shampoo adds wax components. The paintwork is cleaned and the wax adds a protective coating at the same time. It makes it easier to dry off the car and it stays clean longer.

HG car wax shampoo is economical and easy to use and is available in a convenient 1-litre bottle. The car shampoo is easy to use, ensuring that your car is quickly shiny clean again.

How do you use the car shampoo HG car wax shampoo?

Complete the steps below to clean your car perfectly with our HG car wax shampoo.

  1. Before cleaning it with the car wash soap, rinse the car with clean water. 
  2. Add 2-3 caps of the HG car shampoo with wax to a bucket of water. 
  3. Wash the car with the car wash shampoo and then rinse with clean water. 
  4. Preferably dry off with a leather shammy. Don’t forget the windscreens. 
  5. The car is shiny clean again!

Because of the high concentration of the car shampoo, it is possible to use 1 litre of HG car wax shampoo for 50 to 60 car washes. Let your car shine with HG car wax shampoo!

HG car wax shampoo

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