HG Carpet & upholstery cleanerThe fast-acting upholstery cleaner

HG Carpet & upholstery cleanerThe fast-acting upholstery cleaner

HG Carpet & upholstery cleaner 500 ml (product 95) removes dirt from carpets and upholstery. This upholstery cleaner for carpets and sofas also fills the uneven fibre surfaces of the carpet or upholstery with a dirt-repellent coating. 

  • Penetrates deeply, thoroughly and quickly
  • Has a dirt-repellent effect after use
  • With a fresh fragrance

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€ 5,69


Where to buy?
HG Carpet & upholstery cleaner

HG Carpet & upholstery cleaner

€ 5,69


Where to buy?
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Do you want to buy an upholstery cleaner with a dirt-repellent effect?

Walking on a synthetic carpet damages those fibres, which means they retain dirt more easily. In woollen carpets too, the natural wool grease disappears slowly. HG Carpet & upholstery cleaner supplements this with a dirt-repellent material. 500ml is sufficient for a floor area of approximately 15m2.

This product is also available in a 1 litre version. This cleaner cleans deeply, thoroughly and quickly and has a wonderfully fresh fragrance. As an upholstery cleaner, HG Carpet & upholstery cleaner can by used by hand or with any carpet-cleaning machine.

How do you use the HG upholstery cleaner?

Follow the steps below for optimum use of your HG Carpet & upholstery cleaner. 

  1. First treat any stains with HG spot & stain spray cleaner
  2. With a machine; spray the upholstery and vacuum up immediately. Repeat the treatment for extremely dirty areas.
  3. Use by hand: Use a soft brush or sponge to rub in and then dry off with a towel.
  4. Dry afterwards with a terrycloth towel.
HG Carpet & upholstery cleaner

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