HG decorative plaster cleanerFor quick and thorough cleaning

HG decorative plaster cleanerFor quick and thorough cleaning

HG decorative plaster cleaner gives unpainted, dirty walls with stucco, decorative plaster and sanded surfaces or ceiling plates a shiny clean look. Our decorative plaster cleaner effortlessly and quickly removes any build-up of grease, soot, nicotine, etc.

  • For decorative plaster, stucco, sanded surfaces and ceiling plates
  • Works very quickly
  • Makes painting unnecessary

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HG decorative plaster cleaner

HG decorative plaster cleaner

€ 7,69


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Thisdecorative plaster cleaner makes painting redundant

With our decorative plaster cleaner painting is no longer necessary. HG decorative plaster cleaner can be applied easily with a foam varnish roller. You can also paint over our decorative plaster cleaner. Cleaning decorative plaster has never been easier!

How do you use HG decorative plaster cleaner?

Follow the steps below to quickly and properly clean unpainted, dirty decorative plaster with HG decorative plaster cleaner:

  1. Empty the room before using this decorative plaster cleaner and cover all the surfaces that do not require treatment with plastic.
  2. Remove the dust from the surface with a soft brush. 
  3. If necessary pre-treat dark heat stains and soot with HG intensive cleaner for painting without sanding.
  4. Pour HG decorative plaster cleaner into a paint tray and roll a varnish roller until you create foam. 
  5. Apply the foam thinly and evenly to the surface. 
  6. Remove any excess foam with a damp cloth and leave to work for at least 30 minutes. 
  7. There is no need to rinse or treat with water afterwards.
  8. The surface is dry after approximately 3 hours and furniture and wall decorations can be put back in place.
HG decorative plaster cleaner

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