HG deep-fat fryer cleanerThe quick, safe cleaner for an electric deep-fat fryer

HG deep-fat fryer cleanerThe quick, safe cleaner for an electric deep-fat fryer

Time to clean the deep-fat fryer? HG deep-fat fryer cleaner quickly and safely removes solidified, caked-on and burnt-on fat from the deep-fat fryer pan, lid and the basket. This balanced deep-fat fryer cleaner achieves this without affecting the deep-fat frying pan, lid or basket.

  • Extremely powerful
  • Cleans quickly and easily

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Clean the deep-fat fryer super quick with our effective deep-fat fryer cleaner

Frying fat is persistent, because with the heat it burns, cakes and solidifies again. Regular cleaning of a deep-fat fryer is essential for your health too. You can clean the frying pan when you change the oil or fat. Our deep-fat fryer cleaner removes solidified, caked-on and burnt-in fat safely and quickly, to make sure the pan is clean and ready for the new oil or fat.

How do you use HG deep-fat fryer cleaner?

Need to clean your deep-fat fryer? Complete the following steps to remove solidified, caked-on and burnt-in fat from the deep-fat fryer safely with HG deep-fat fryer cleaner.

  1. Empty the deep-fat fryer completely and use kitchen roll to wipe off any remaining frying fat in the pan, on the lid or in the basket. 
  2. Add 250ml of HG deep-fat fryer cleaner to the pan. 
  3. Use a brush to apply the neat product to fat residues on the lid and other parts that are not in the pan. 
  4. Leave the deep-fat fryer cleaner to absorb for approximately 10 minutes and rinse the brushed surfaces with plenty of hot water. 
  5. Then add the hottest possible water from the tap to the neat product in the pan. NB: do not use boiling water! 
  6. Leave the pan under water to the basket and the highest fat rim and leave it to work for at least 15 minutes. Leave the solution to work longer if the fat has not been removed completely.
  7. Brush the pan and the basket with a washing-up brush. When the fat has come off, the content can be rinsed down the sink because it is biodegradable. 

Rinse the pan and the basket with warm water and dry it off with a clean cloth.

HG deep-fat fryer cleaner

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