HG vacuum cleaner air freshener for vacuum cleaner smells

The effective vacuum cleaner freshener for musty smells

Vacuum cleaners may start to smell, because the dirt may stay in the bag or the container for a long time during normal use. During vacuuming, the air flows past the sucked up dirt and therefore the musty, acrid smell comes out via the vacuum cleaner’s air exhaust.

Pet hairs in particular are a source of this smell, even when you empty the dust container or change the bag regularly. HG vacuum cleaner air freshener works as a vacuum cleaner perfume and deals with musty smells!

How do you use HG vacuum cleaner air freshener?

Complete the following steps to sort out a smelly vacuum cleaner with HG vacuum cleaner air freshener.

  1. Use the cap as a measuring cup and fill 4 caps to the edge with The vacuum cleaner freshener.
  2. Empty the caps onto the floor and vacuum up the granules immediately with the vacuum cleaner. The granules prevent the bag or dust container from developing a smell and ensure that the vacuum cleaner produces a wonderfully fresh fragrance during vacuuming.
  3. Add new vacuum cleaner air freshener granules every time you change the bag.

If you want the fresh fragrance to be stronger, you can vacuum up more granules. HG’s vacuum freshener deals with vacuum smells quickly and effectively!

HG vacuum cleaner air freshener for vacuum cleaner smells

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