HGX against waspsAn extremely effective wasp spray

HGX against wasps

HGX against wasps

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The wasp spray with a long-term effect

Our product for wasp removal has a long-term effect of 4 to 6 weeks and it does not stain either. HGX against wasps is suitable for indoor use. This wasp spray is also suitable for hanging nests indoors and nests in cavity walls. 

How do you use HGX against wasps?

Complete the following steps to eradicate wasps in the house effectively and for a long time with HGX against wasps.

  1. Apply HGX against wasps to the nest itself or near gaps, cracks or other places where wasps hide. 
  2. How to get of wasps: To eradicate wasps in nests, spray the nest entrances and the inside of the nest for a long period of time. 
  3. To eradicate wasps in other places, spray the surface evenly from a distance of approximately 20cm. Continue until the surface is slightly damp.

Use biocides safely. Read the label and the product information before use.

HGX against wasps

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