fruit-fly trap refillUnlimited refills

fruit-fly trap refillUnlimited refills

Convenient and unlimited refills for the HGX fruit-fly trapwith the HGX fruit-fly trap refill. It contains a special fruit-fly trap that attracts fruit flies. One pack of HGX fruit-fly trap refill contains 2 liquid attractant refills for refiling the HGX fruit-fly trap. You no longer have a fruit fly problem in your house.

  • Works for 4 months
  • Highly effective


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fruit-fly trap refill

fruit-fly trap refill

€ 6,95


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Refills for the HGX fruit-fly trap

Fruit flies are a nuisance, particularly in hot summer months. Fruit flies are attracted by the smell of food, food leftovers and ripening fruits and vegetables. The heat makes the smell of food or leftovers stronger and fruit ripens much quicker. It is extremely attractive to these small insects that reproduce at a rapid rate.

Fortunately, the HGX fruit-fly trap is an effective product against nuisance caused by fruit flies. Now there are convenient and unlimited refills for this fruit-fly trap in the form of HGX fruit-fly trap refill. One pack contains 2 refills with the fruit fly trap attractant and that represents 4 months of use.

How do you use the HGX fruit-fly trap refill?

Follow the steps below for effective use of your HGX fruit-fly trap refill

  1. Unscrew the top part of the HGX fruit-fly trap by rotating it anticlockwise.
  2. Remove the funnel from the lower part and add the liquid - approximately 5 ml (to the mark) of the fruit-fly trap refill to the trap and replace the funnel with the spout down.
  3. Now screw the top part back onto the lower part by rotating it clockwise.
  4. Finally put the trap in a place frequented by the fruit flies, near a fruit bowl for example.
fruit-fly trap refill

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