HGX mouse trapThe effective way to trap mice

HGX mouse trapThe effective way to trap mice

Do you suffer from a mice infestation? The HGX mouse trap is an effective way to trap mice and to get rid of your mouse plague. Our mouse trap is also hygienic in use. With the special lever construction the dead mouse can be thrown away in the bin without having to touch it.

  • Safe to set
  • Highly effective
  • Hygienic - no contact with the mouse


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HGX mouse trap

HGX mouse trap

€ 5,95


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Our mouse trap is safe and easy to set and can be used an infinite number of times. All you need to do is put a fresh amount of bait in the trap. The pack of HGX mouse trap contains 2 traps.

How do you use the HGX mouse trap?

Complete the steps below for effective eradication of mice with your HGX mouse trap:

  1. Put a small amount of bait, peanut butter for example, in the HGX mouse trap. 
  2. Put the mouse trap in a place that is frequented by mice and where they gnaw or get food. Then set the mouse trap. 
  3. Remove the dead mouse without touching it by pushing the lever down until the mouse trap opens.


HGX mouse trap

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