Tips: to maintain and clean car, boat and caravan

HG has listed some tips for you that help you to maintain the car, boat or caravan. In any case, we recommend you clean the inside and the outside regularly to prevent more stubborn dirt!

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Tips for maintaning and cleaning your car upholstery

Tips for maintaning and cleaning your car upholstery

You probably wash the outside of the car, boat or caravan on a regular basis. You vacuum the inside with the vacuum cleaner, dust the dashboard, but possibly didn't consider the seats. HG will share some great tips for cleaning car upholstery effectively, for example how to remove stains, the products you can use safely and how.

Maintain car, boat, or caravan

Perhaps the maintenance of the car, boat or caravan presents you with different challenges. For example cleaning the rims, making certain plastic parts dirt-repellent , removing chewing gum from the upholstery orrubber marks from the floor of the boat.

Use the link below to see if your issue is listed and find the best solution:
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Generally it is recommended to clean the outside and the inside of the car, boat and caravan on a regular basis. In the end it will cost less time and effort if you do this regularly. As with nearly all jobs, the longer you postpone them, the more difficult they become, because the dust only becomes worse and the dirt more stubborn.

Questions or own tips

If you have any questions, please ask one of our employees . Do you have a maintenance or cleaning tip for the car, boat or caravan? We would be pleased to receive it !