Remove cat urine smells | What to do about this penetrating odour?


Soap and water are rarely enough to remove cat urine smells. Your sofa, carpet or clothing may look clean, yet the strong cat urine smell remains. This odour can be extremely penetrating and often comes back after normal cleaning or washing the laundry. It often requires stronger measures! In addition to some advice on how to get rid of cat urine smells, we will also share a few tips on how to prevent your cat(s) from always peeing in the same place.

Why does my cat not use the litter box?

kattepis geur verwijderenDespite having a litter box, sometimes cats will not choose to use it This can have several reasons.

1. The litter box is not clean enough
Cats are extremely clean animals and if they think the litter box is too dirty, they will find somewhere else to urinate.

2. The cat may be sick
FLUTD is a common feline illness that causes crystals in the bladder and bladder infections, which means the cat often urinates unexpectedly.

3. Stress
The cat can become stressed and start urinating in other places.

4. Behaviour 
In addition, male cats will often spray. If a cat is not neutered or spayed, it can exhibit territorial behaviour and start spraying, on vertical areas in particular. It is mainly male cats that spray.

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Tips for preventing can pee odour

Removing cat urine is one thing. Of course you want to prevent your cat from using the sofa, carpet or your clothing as a litter box. Cats do not like the smell of menthol. You can try to apply menthol salve on or near the spot. The cat will then be less likely to choose that spot to urinate. Be careful as menthol can stain some fabrics and materials!

Remove cat urine smells

No smell is more penetrating than cat pee smells. Fortunately, HG against urine smell makes getting rid of cat urine smells easy! And we will also share some tips we have seen on various websites.

Other substances, what to use and what not to use?

You can try to remove the cat urine smell with soda. Did you know that it is best not to use vinegar and bleach - although it seems like a good solution? We will explain why later on.

1. Washing soda
According to some blogs, you can use a washing soda that neutralises odours to remove cat urine out of carpet, rugs or mattresses.  Sprinkle the soda on the area and leave it there for a day, then simply vacuum it up.

2. Do not use vinegar, bleach or chlorine
We advise you not to use chlorine because it is poisonous and - just like vinegar and bleach - it will encourage the cat to urinate on the area you have used it.

kattenpis geur maskeren3. Do not use products that cover the smell
Cats use their smell to mark their territory. New smells encourage the cat to urinate so that their own smell is stronger than that of the product.

Have you tried washing soda and had little or no success? Then try the HG solution developed especially for removing cat urine smells.

HG has thé solution to get rid of cat urine smells

The stubborn cat pee smell caused by cat urine can even remain after cleaning. HG against urine smell is thé solution for getting rid of cat urine odour. HG against urine smell was developed especially to get rid of odours, such as cat urine. This organic product does not mask odours but removes them effectively using enzymes and microbes that change the remaining stench molecules into water, CO2 and other odourless particles. Remove as much of the cat urine as possible first with a clean cloth and water. Then dab the cleaned cat urine area dry with tissues or paper towels.

Do you have a good tip for removing cat urine smells? Let us know!

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