Deep fryer cleaning | How to clean a deep fat fryer easily?


Deep fryer cleaning? The deep fryer is probably one of the most difficult home devices to clean and keep clean. Burned-in fryer fat can sometimes really feel like an impossible chore. But deep frying food is convenient and tasty, so getting rid of the fryer is not an option. However, using the fryer often leaves fat remnants behind, making it difficult to clean the deep fryer. So we will give you a few tips for easy cleaning of the deep fat fryer.

Tips for preventing a filthy deep fat fryer

frituurpan schoonmakenClean the frying pan regularly, at least immediately after each use! This is the best way to maintain your frying pan and to prevent difficult, seemingly impossible cleaning sessions. The sooner you clean the fryer, the easier it is because the fat will not have solidified yet (and hardened) so it reduces the risk of it burning the next time you use the pan.

In addition, we advise you regularly replace the fat in the deep fryer. Not just for cleaning purposes, but also because the food will taste better. Regular cleaning will prevent a dirty frying pan and bad-tasting chips! 

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Three DIY methods for a clean frying pan

There are many DIY solutions for cleaning and degreasing frying pans on various blogs and websites. Note: these methods do not guarantee success:

1. Cleaning the frying pan with washing-up liquid
Washing-up liquid degreases and can be used to clean the fryer basket and the interior pan. Fill the sink with hot water, add some washing-up liquid and scrub the parts clean. This method is quite time and energy consuming. Not only do you have to scrub long and hard to remove all the grease from the frying pan, you may also have to replace the hot water and washing-up liquid a number of times. And still some grease might remain and become caked on, making it even more difficult to remove.  With the HG deep-fat fryer cleaner,  getting a clean frying pan goes quite a bit faster and much more effectively.

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2. Cleaning the frying pan with a dishwasher tablet
You can also clean your frying pan in the dishwasher. Some of the frying pan parts are often dishwasher safe. Be sure to consult your frying pan’s cleaning instructions and make sure which parts are dishwasher safe.  Is a dishwasher tablet too aggressive for your fryer parts? Then continue to tip number 3!

3. Cleaning the frying pan with soda
Clean frying pan with soda? Soda is a very effective cleaning agent and is often used to remove caked-on grease and dirt. Fill approximately 75% of your frying pan with water. Then add a couple of tablespoons of soda and place the basket in the frying pan. Turn on the frying pan to maximum 90 degrees C and leave it for approximately 10 minutes. Then turn off the frying pan and empty the contents into the sink. This is a good way to get a clean frying pan on the inside. Although this is an often recommended method, we advise against the use of soda. Soda can cause damage to the materials used in the frying pan.

HG is thé solution for a clean frying pan

HG deep-fat fryer cleaner quickly removes solidified, caked-on and burned-in frying fat. HG’s deep-fat fryer cleaner does not cause damage to the frying pan, the lid or the basket!

HG deep-fat fryer cleaner quickly and safely removes solidified, caked-on and burned-in frying fat from the frying pan, the lid and the basket. This balanced product also cleans without causing damage to the frying pan, the lid or the basket. Frying fat can be stubborn because the heat causes it to burn in, cake on and then solidify. So it is essential to clean a frying pan regularly, also for your health, and it can be done when replacing the frying fat.

Do you have a good tip for how to clean a frying pan? Let us know!

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