Tips: Remove stains and clean & protect fabrics.

Remove stains, clean thoroughly and protect fabrics with HG’s tips. Here, we'll share useful tips from experts to help you quickly remove stains from your upholstered sofa, your clothing, shoes or car upholstery, and freshen everything up again. Even the most difficult stains don't have to spell the end of your things!

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Stains in clothing and fabrics

Stains in clothing and fabrics

Red stains from strawberry ice cream or chocolate biscuits on the sofa. Spilt your coffee while still sleepy the morning before your busy day at work begins? Red wine in the carpet after a fabulous party. Stains happen just like that! Sometimes it seems impossible to remove them. Yet there are all sorts of ways in which you can remove them from clothing or other fabrics, even the ones that seemed to be persistent!

Removing stains instead of throwing things away

One thing applies to all stains, the quicker you tackle them, the better! Whatever you do, stop the stain from penetrating the fabric, because the deeper the liquid penetrates, the more difficult it will be to remove the stain. Never rub it! It will only make the stain worse or damage the fabric, particularly when you're dealing with delicate fabrics like wool or silk.

Tips to remove certain stains

Each type of stain requires its own treatment. HG has categorised the tips for treating and removing:

Grease stains
Red wine stains
Ink stains
Coffee stains

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