Tips to eradicate insects and vermin in the home

Tips to eradicate insects and vermin in the home

Silverfish that damage your books in the attic, moth larvae that nibble on your woollen clothes. Cockroaches and ants running around your home. All of these are insects and vermin that you want to get rid of fast! HG has collected a number of useful tips for you, to eradicate:
• (Paper) silverfish
Ants in the home
• Woodworm
• Fleas
• Cockroaches
• Moths

Also read how you can eradicate and trap the following insects:
Fruit flies
• Mosquitoes

Insects and vermin in the home are not only annoying, but can also result in health risks.

Tips to eradicate vermin outdoors

Outside too, you can certainly struggle with insects and vermin. For example slugs or aphids. These creepy crawlies can sometimes cause an awful lot of damage to your plants. Recognise that problem? It's time to discover how to battle the aphids and mealy bugs, and how to prevent slugs from taking over the garden.

Wasps can be particularly annoying when eating or drinking outdoors in the summer and autumn months, when they're on a quest for food. Fortunately there are various ways in which you can stop and catch them.