HG ecological cleaning products | sustainable and environment friendly

The HG ECO philosophy: 3 principles

The HG ECO philosophy: 3 principles

1. The ECO products are less harmful to the environment.

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HG 12 ECO products are free from:

    • Preservatives
    • Phosphates & phosphonates
    • Colouring agents
    • Microplastics
    • Allergens & parabens
    • Chlorine
    • Glycerine

Packaging made of 100% recyclable materials. Read more here.

2. HG ECO products are just as effective in terms of cleaning as the regular HG products. 'HG does what it promises'.

3. The use and convenience of HG ECO products are identical to the regular HG range.

The HG ECO range offers effective cleaning for the 4 main areas in the home

Discover our ECO products for the kitchen

HG ECO kitchen cleaner

  • Powerful and effective cleaner

HG ECO hob cleaner

  • Quickly and easily removes everyday dirt

HG ECO oven cleaner

  • Sustainable oven cleaner

Discover our ECO products for the bathroom

HG ECO bathroom cleaner

  • Highly concentrated product

HG ECO descaler

  • Sustainably removes limescale

HG ECO toilet gel

  • Sustainable and effective

Discover our ECO products for the rest of the home

HG ECO unblocker

  • Sustainable and powerful unblocker

HG ECO glass cleaner

  • Dries quickly and without streaks

HG ECO floor cleaner

  • Environment-friendly floor cleaner

HG ECO detergent additive against smelly laundry

  • Effective formula to combat smelly laundry

Sustainable packaging

All bottles are produced by HG itself, with no extra transport being required.

No colouring agents are used in the HG bottles, resulting in optimum recycling opportunities.

The labels used on the HG ECO range are made from a natural waste product from the paper industry and are therefore naturally sourced.

All packaging materials such as cover boxes are made from 100% recycled materials.

Logistic materials such as pallets are reused throughout the chain via an exchange system.


Sustainable packaging

For example, use these products for:

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The HG ECO range will be available from October 2020.