HG is the specialist that offers specific solutions for any form of blocked drain. From a specific kitchen drain unblocker to an extremely powerful duo unblocker.

Our complete range of products was developed in our own laboratory, and contains not only various types of specific unblockers but also a drain cleaner designed to freshen up a smelly drain. HG has the right product, whether you want to unblock or clean your drain!

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HG hair unblocker

  • For blockages in the bathroom

HG duo unblocker

  • Extremely powerful because of the unique 2-component technology

HG kitchen drain unblocker, the natural sink unblocker liquid

  • For persistent blockages caused by fat and food remnants

HG gel unblocker

  • Absolutely no splashing at all

Unblock or clean your drain

Unblock or clean your drain

HG has a specific unblocking product for all types of blockages in the home. The HG liquid unblocker to tackle a blocked washbasin, toilet or shower drain, HG kitchen drain unblocker to help prevent and solve blockages caused by grease and food remnants, and the HG hair unblocker to get rid of bathroom blockages by quickly tackling any hair stuck in the drain. Is it a really stubborn blockage? Our HG Duo unblocker is an extremely powerful unblocker in case nothing else works! Extremely powerful yet perfectly safe for all types of pipelines.