HG ECO range for the kitchen, bathroom, living room and washroom

HG ECO offers you all kinds of sustainable and environment-friendly products for various areas of your home. HG ECO is made from more environment-friendly ingredients, while the packaging is also made from 100% recyclable materials.

By introducing the HG ECO range, we wish to offer you the possibility of choosing between an ecological or a regular HG product. HG ECO offers you the same tried and tested cleaning power and effectiveness. Clean your house in a more environment-friendly manner using HG ECO. 

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12 products found

HG ECO kitchen cleaner

  • Powerful and effective cleaner

HG ECO hob cleaner

  • Quickly and easily removes everyday dirt

HG ECO oven cleaner

  • Sustainable oven cleaner

HG ECO unblocker

  • Sustainable and powerful unblocker

HG ECO bathroom cleaner

  • Highly concentrated product

HG ECO descaler

  • Sustainably removes limescale

HG ECO toilet gel

  • Sustainable and effective

HG ECO glass cleaner

  • Dries quickly and without streaks

HG ECO floor cleaner

  • Environment-friendly floor cleaner

HG ECO detergent additive against smelly laundry

  • Effective formula to combat smelly laundry