Cleaning an untreated parquet floor using HG

The quality HG products clean, protect and maintain your untreated parquet or wooden floor very simply indeed. Of course you want to enjoy your valuable untreated parquet or wooden floor for as long as possible. That's why you choose the HG cleaning and maintenance products developed specially for these types of floors. From protective wax and mopping cleaner, to powerful wax remover.

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HG liquid natural wax

  • Protective and nourishing wax

HG wax remover

  • Effectively removes dirty wax from unvarnished parquet and wooden floors

HG parquet colour renovator

  • Restores moisture stains and rings

HG waxed floor cleaner

  • Fresh-smelling, concentrated mopping cleaner

HG parquet gloss finish protective coating

  • Protects the coating against wear and tear, scratches and other damages

HG parquet power cleaner

  • Removes both stubborn dirt and grease

HG parquet cleaner

  • Fresh-smelling mopping cleaner

HG parquet protective coating matt finish

  • For protection with a matt effect on the varnish layer

HG parquet gloss cleaner

  • Freshly scented, concentrated mopping parquet floor cleaner gloss

HG natural floor oil

  • Nourishes the wood and protects it against drying out, dirt and stains

HG oiled floor cleaner

  • Concentrated mopping cleaner, sufficient for 20 washes

HG oiled floor intensive cleaner

  • Removes stubborn dirt, grease and problematic stains

HG: more than simply cleaning your parquet floor

HG: more than simply cleaning your parquet floor

HG not only offers a wide range of products to clean your untreated parquet or wooden floor or to protect it with a wax layer. The HG colour renovator (product 68) is absorbed deep into the wood where it activates the colour pigments, so that any faded stains, rings or sun-bleached spots will regain their original colour. And would you like to remove an old wax layer? Then simply apply our effective HG wax remover!

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