HG compressed-air cleanerRemove dust with this compressed-air cleane

HG compressed-air cleanerRemove dust with this compressed-air cleane

HG compressed-air cleaner removes dust and other loose dirt from all difficult to reach gaps and holes. Our compressed-air cleaner is ideal for places you cannot reach with a duster or vacuum cleaner.

  • Easily cleans difficult to reach places
  • Removes dust and other loose dirt

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HG compressed-air cleaner

HG compressed-air cleaner

€ 6,35


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What is the compressed-air cleaner suitable for?

HG compressed-air cleaner is an air spray can, suitable for keyboards, grilles and ventilation openings of computers, printers and televisions, air grilles in cars or the head of an electric shaver. This air spray is also extremely suitable for cleaning surfaces that should not be touched, such as lenses, computer circuit boards, etc. 

How do you use HG compressed-air cleaner?

Complete the following steps for the correct use of HG compressed-air cleaner.

  1. Switch off the electrical device before using the compressed-air cleaner. 
  2. Push the enclosed top (including the supplied hose) onto the valve on top of the air spray can.
  3. Spray between the gaps and holes at a distance of 5-20 cm, depending on the amount of pressure required to blow away the dust and other loose dirt. 
  4. Keep the air spray can of the compressed-air cleaner upright where possible and avoid shaking during spraying, as this may cause minor ice formation.
HG compressed-air cleaner

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