No more undesirable "guests" indoors.

All kinds of undesirable "guests" may be wandering around your home. We offer specific, effective products to tackle any types of insects and vermin.

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HGX against wasps

  • Highly effective

HGX fruit-fly trap

  • Highly effective

HGX mouse trap

  • Safe to set

HGX mothballs

  • For clothes moths and clothes moths larvae

HGX refillable mouse bait box

  • Includes 2 sachets with bait paste

HGX mouse bait refills

  • Contains 5 sachets with bait paste

HGX spray against ants

  • Works for 4 - 6 weeks

HGX spray against fleas

  • Extremely effective

HGX fly paper

  • Extremely strong sticky tape

HGX spray against silverfish

  • Highly effective

HGX against crawling vermin

  • Extremely effective

HGX against woodworm

  • against woodworm

HGX spray against aphids

  • Works very quickly

HGX electronic fly, wasp and mosquito eliminator

  • Works quickly and effectively

fruit-fly trap refill

  • Works for 4 months

HGX ant bait box

  • Content: 2 boxes

HGX silverfish trap

  • Eradicates silverfish and other crawling vermin
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