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Your gold, silver and copper will shine for you again. Cleaning and protection of door knobs or jewellery, for example, means they don't lose their shine. These products even help to restore the original shine.

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HG silver & copper polish-no-more

  • Invisible, undetectable protective coating

HG silver shine cloth

  • Special impregnated cloth

HG jewellery cleaning bath

  • Ideal for all your jewellery and dress jewellery

HG gold shine balsam

  • Makes gold and gilt look like new

HG copper shine shampoo

  • Ideal for large and/or difficult to polish objects

HG copper shine cloth

  • Special impregnated cloth

Restoring shine to gold, silver and copper

Restoring shine to gold, silver and copper

Whether you want a quick polish, thorough cleaning or restoration and protection, the specific HG problem solvers for gold, silver and copper do what they promise. All these HG products work safely, quickly and effectively, without damaging your jewellery or other objects of course. It's important to regularly clean your silver or gold jewellery in order to retain the original shine for longer. Our products will make your silver or gold jewellery, but also copper objects for example, shine again without damaging them.