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HG offers a number of products for cleaning, restoring and colouring leather. Leather is a natural product and will quickly dry out if not maintained properly. Leather also has very small pores, in which dirt can very easily become trapped. This could be dirt from your clothing, but also skin grease. The HG products thoroughly and quickly clean and restore leather. Our product range contains not only convenient leather cleaners for regular use and a deep cleaner for stubborn dirt, but also a special leather conditioner with intensive nourishing properties.

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HG 4 in 1 for leather

  • Protects, nourishes, beautifies and cleans

HG leather spray

  • Cleans and nourishes

HG leather balm

  • Keeps leather supple, strong and beautiful

HG leather dye primer

  • Pre-treatment for HG leather dye

HG leather dye kit burgundy red

  • A new lease of life for leather furniture

HG leather dye for furniture burgundy red

  • A new lease of life for leather furniture

Give leather a new lease of life using HG

Give leather a new lease of life using HG

HG has a wide range of quality products for maintenance, cleaning and even colouring leather. The HG product range therefore includes more than simply a spray for quick and easy cleaning in a single treatment. How about the special repair kit to restore annoying scratches, cracks and holes in leather? Now that's practical! And besides cleaning and restoring leather, HG also has a unique range of leather colouring products to help you recolour your leather settee or chair, following thorough cleaning, in order to give it a new lease of life. Of course the HG products will not damage the material!

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