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HG offers a range of products to clean, nourish and protect your wooden furniture. Wooden furniture is particularly popular in a wide range of interiors, and can therefore be found in all sorts of sizes, colours and woods. Each piece of furniture and each type of wood requires its own specific treatment however. The HG product range for furniture therefore includes all kinds of wax, various oils and a number of sprays, to clean and maintain furniture: from dark wood to light wood - from antique to modern!

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Oil, wax and spray for all types of wooden furniture

Oil, wax and spray for all types of wooden furniture

The HG range is suitable for cleaning and maintaining all kinds of wooden furniture, including oak, mahogany, cherry or wenge. We also have products for teak maintenance or treatment of your oak table, or other furniture such as cupboards or wooden chairs, using our oils, waxes or sprays. You'll find a suitable product for any type of wooden furniture in the wide HG range.

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