Simply and effectively clean your textiles, with the desired result? Of course you can rely on HG! How annoying is a wine stain on your favourite blouse, lace curtains that have become grey or unpleasant odours in your sports gear?

HG has effective stain removers and special detergents to solve these and other specific textile problems, when a normal wash simply isn't enough. Check out our wide range of textile products below.

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A special HG textile cleaner for all specific problems

A special HG textile cleaner for all specific problems

HG offers a specific solution for any cleaning and maintenance problem. This also applies to the HG textile range of course. A specific textile cleaner for any problem. These can include special detergents for truly white washing, or for delicates such as silk, and products to pre-treat stains and marks. But also very special stain removers suitable for the removal of very specific stains, such as sweat and deodorant stains, or suntan lotion stains. HG therefore offers the suitable solution for any specific problem!

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