Washroom & Textiles

Clothes and other textiles always need washing, it's that simple. Nobody's favourite task. Fortunately it becomes a lot easier using HG products. For cleaning and maintaining washing machines, or cleaning all your fabrics effectively. With a specific approach to each problem.

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HG perspiration and deodorant stain remover

  • Removes stubborn yellow perspiration and deodorant stains effectively

HG detergent additive for smelly laundry

  • Removes odour molecules from smelly laundry effectively

HG ECO detergent additive against smelly laundry

  • Effective formula to combat smelly laundry

HG waterproof textiles

  • Ideal for coats and raincoats

HG whiter than white detergent enhancer with stain remover

  • White textile, no stains and whiter than white again!

HG whiter than white special detergent for white wash

  • White textiles become whiter than ever before

HG blacker than black special detergent for dark wash

  • Black fabric remains black (or becomes black again)

HG detergent for pillows

  • Removes (yellow) stains and washes hygienically clean

HG oxi stain wonder

  • Universal oxi stain and odour remover

HG stain away no. 1

  • Effective, good stain remover for clothes

HG stain away no. 2

  • Effective liquid stain remover for clothes

HG stain away no. 3

  • Effective tar, resin and candle wax stain remover

HG stain away no. 4

  • Effective blood, sauce and gravy stain remover for clothes

HG stain away no. 5

  • Effective make-up & grass stain remover for clothes

HG stain away no. 6

  • Effective ballpoint ink removal for clothes

HG stain away no. 7

  • Effective stain remover to remove rust stains from clothes

HG ironing spray

  • Ironing spray for all types of fabrics, even silk

HG ironing spray strengthener

  • Retains the shape of clothing longer

HG travel detergent

  • With built-in fabric softener

HG suntan lotion stain remover

  • Yellow stains in clothes caused by suntan lotion or oil can be removed with this suntan lotion stain removal product

HG 4 in 1 for leather

  • Protects, nourishes, beautifies and cleans

HG leather balm

  • Keeps leather supple, strong and beautiful

HG smelly washing machine cleaner

  • For a clean and fresh smelling washing machine

HG iron cleaner

  • Removes black iron residues