1. Introduction

This is the cookie statement of HG UKI Ltd., hereinafter referred to as HG. This statement is about placing and reading cookies and comparable technologies, such as tracking pixels, hereinafter jointly referred to as cookies.

  1. What are cookies?

We use cookies on the website. They are small information files that may be stored automatically when you visit a website or they are scanned from the visitor’s device, such as a PC, tablet or smartphone. This happens through the device's browser. In many cases these cookies process the IP address, the Cookie ID and technical information about the used device.

Cookies can have different functions. On the basis of these functions, cookies can be divided into four categories, being functional/necessary cookies, analytical/statistical cookies, performance cookies and tracking or marketing cookies. See the table below for explanations of the various cookies.

Necessary cookies

Cookies that are required for the website to work properly. These cookies are used to facilitate page navigation. Without these cookies, the website may not work properly. These cookies do not require permission.

Preference cookies or functional cookies

Preference cookies ensure that a website can remember information that affects the behaviour and the design of the website, such as your preferred language or the region where you live.

Statistical cookies or analytical cookies

Statistical cookies help owners of websites to understand how visitors use their website by collecting and reporting data anonymously. For example, the web pages that are visited most often or the duration of a website visit.

Marketing cookies or tracking cookies

Marketing cookies are used to track visitors when they visit various websites. Their aim is to display adverts that are focused on and relevant to the individual user. That makes the adverts more valuable for the publishers and the external advertisers.

We use cookies to:

  • Enable functionalities of the website (necessary cookies);
  • Record the preferences of a visitor (preference cookies)
  • Analyse the use of the website and to use that information to improve the website (statistical cookies)
  • Gather information about the surfing behaviour of our visitors and to have adverts match the preferences of the website visitors (marketing cookies).

  1. Disable or clear cookies

When you visit the website for the first time, you will see a cookie banner where you can indicate whether and, if yes, which cookies you accept. We do not need permission for strictly necessary cookies. They are enabled by default. As soon as you click on OK, you give us permission to use the cookies in accordance with your choices in the cookie banner, and as described in the cookie statement.

You are free to disable cookies with the browser. Remember that the website may not work properly any more. Most cookies have an expiry date. This means they expire automatically after a certain period and no longer record data regarding your website visit. You can also choose to clear the cookies manually before their expiry date. For more information, please consult your browser's manual. The tables below show which cookies you have accepted at the moment and the date to which they are valid.

NB!  After you change permission to place cookies, previously installed cookies may still be active on your computer. If you would like to disable them all, you can do that with your browser settings. Depending on the browser you use, you select ‘Clear cookies’, ‘Clear history and website data’ or ‘Clear browsing data’. Consult your browser for more information.

  1. Contact details

If you would like to know which personal data we process, on the basis of which legal ground, for which purposes, how long we store the data, how we protect your data, and how you can use your rights? Please consult our privacy statement.

If you have questions about the use of cookies on our website, contact our Consumer Services Department by using the contact form or by calling them on 01279 598360.

  1. Amend cookie preference or withdraw consent

The following table sets out which cookies are used. The name of the cookie is given, as well as the provider of the cookie, the purpose, the expiry period and the technology used.

For cookies placed by social media and third parties, and the possible data they collect, we refer you to the statements of those parties on their own websites. Remember that the statements can change regularly: This is beyond HG’s control.

You can amend your cookie preference or withdraw your permission for cookies. When you withdraw your consent, all cookies are cleared except for necessary cookies. If you change your cookie preference, you can state the type of cookies you accept.