Tips for odour and nasty smells

Tips for odour and nasty smells

From cat pee to a musty smell on the sofa: of course you want to get rid of odour and nasty smells as quickly as possible. Luckily HG has a number of tips to get your home smelling fresh again and to remove any smells from your clothing and other textiles. Consider solving and preventing:

• A smelly washing machine or dishwasher
Sweaty (sports) clothing

Each problem needs its own approach!

Put an end to musty smells

What about a mattress that smells musty or actually starts to stink a little? It's much nicer to get into a fresh bed at night. Find out how to freshen up your mattress again. Besides our specific tips and advice, you'll also find products that effectively remove the source of the smell from various surfaces – also from the sofa or car upholstery. For example, try the effective odour remover HG odour eliminator for all surfaces.

Preventing unpleasant smells

In fabrics and footwear
It can sometimes prove tricky to prevent unpleasant smells in textiles and shoes, especially if you suffer from excessive transpiration or sweaty feet, or tend to always wash clothing at low temperatures. Luckily there are not only a number of ways to remove odours from clothing, but HG also offers specific products to effectively tackle unpleasant smells in, for example, sports clothing, smelly sports shoes or sweaty shoes.

In appliances
Unpleasant smells can be prevented in the dishwasher by maintaining it properly. Always remove any food remnants from the filter for example, and clean the dishwasher itself regularly. Of course the same applies to other household appliances and machines, such as the washing machine and the fridge, because proper use and good cleaning and maintenance prevents annoying smells and odours from spreading.