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All the surfaces and appliances in your kitchen are easily, thoroughly and safely cleaned using HG. After all, HG offers all kinds of kitchen cleaners for specific cleaning problems that can occur in the kitchen. The most commonly occurring problem in the kitchen is grease, because of all the cooking, roasting and frying we do.

HG has kitchen products for effective yet safe cleaning and degreasing of various surfaces and appliances in your kitchen. Our wide range of products includes not only cleaners for daily, quick and convenient cleaning, but also intensive cleaners to remove stubborn grease and other deposits.

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A wide range of kitchen products

A wide range of kitchen products

The wide HG range not only includes kitchen cleaners for various types of worktops, hobs or gas stoves, but also, for example, a specific kitchen cleaner designed to thoroughly clean baked-on pans, or a powerful deep fat fryer cleaner or hygienic fridge cleaner. In other words: HG offers a quality, safe solution for any cleaning problem that might occur in the kitchen.

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