HG drain cleaner sticksThe ultimate drain cleaner to prevent blocked sinks

HG drain cleaner sticks The ultimate drain cleaner to prevent blocked sinks

HG drain cleaner sticks is ideal for preventing blocked kitchen sinks. These convenient unblocker sticks prevent blockages and unpleasant smells. They clean the drain naturally with enzymes that dissolve food residues. The sticks are biodegradable, do not contain microplastics, and are safe to use in the sink. Use an unblocker stick once month, and you will not have a blocked sink or nasty smells in the kitchen.

  • prevents blockage
  • eliminates odour
  • cleans the kitchen drain
  • safe for all pipes
  • biodegradable
  • does not contain microplastics
  • user-friendly

HG drain cleaner sticks

HG drain cleaner sticks

Unblocker sticks, the convenient organic sink unblocker that prevents blocked sinks

These unblocker sticks are ideal for maintaining your sink properly. Put a stick in the drain once a month and you no longer have nasty smells or blockages. The sticks consist of enzymes that dissolve slowly and remove grease and food residues. This convenient drain cleaner comes in packs of 6 sticks. Enough to prevent blocked sinks for six months during normal use of the sink. If your sink is used intensively, you can put a new drain cleaning stick in the sink more often.

HG, the expert in unblockers

HG drain cleaner sticks is part of an extensive product range of HG unblockers. HG has a suitable solution for every blockage. Our drain sticks prevent blockages in the sink. Do you have trouble with blockages in the kitchen? You can use then HG kitchen drain and plug unblocker. For the bathroom you can use HG drain and plug hair unblocker or HG drain and plug unblocker. Nothing works at all? You can use then HG duo unblocker. That solves even the most extreme blockages. 

How do you use HG drain cleaner sticks? 

It is really easy to use HG drain cleaner sticks: 

  1. Once a month, you put a HG drain cleaner stick in the drain.
  2. Repeat this after no longer than one month. If required, you can add a stick more often than once a month.

Download label of HG drain cleaner sticks

Download the label for more information and any hazard statements corresponding to HHG drain cleaner sticks.

Label information

Volume : 1st
Article number : 434000106
GTIN (EAN code) : 8711577302788
HG patyczki do czyszczenia odpływów kanalizacyjnych

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