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Tips for solving drain blockages

We've collected a number of useful tips for you, on how to quickly and effectively solve drain blockages. If you're just enjoying a shower, nothing is more annoying than being ankle-deep in water because the drain is blocked. Or the kitchen sink that no longer empties, shortly after you've cleaned the deep fat fryer of course. Luckily there are various methods you can use to unblock your drains.

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Unblock the sink
Unblock the kitchen drain

The links above show you how to quickly solve stubborn blockages in these drains.

Preventing blockages

Of course what you really want is to prevent the blocked drain. The most important tip we can give is not to rinse anything down the sink, basin or toilet that doesn't belong there. You can prevent stubborn blockages in the kitchen, for example, by wiping leftover food off your plates before rinsing them with water. Wipe up grease from the pan with kitchen roll before you start washing up. In the bathroom it helps to clean it regularly and to remove hair from the shower trap on a daily basis. And it probably goes without saying, don't flush anything except toilet paper down the toilet.