Tips: cleaning & maintaining a kitchen and appliances

HG has listed the various recommendations that help you to clean and maintain your kitchen and household appliances properly. Everything shiny clean, quickly and easily!

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Extends your appliances’ lifespan

Extends your appliances’ lifespan

You can extend your appliances' working life by using them correctly and maintaining them well. This will prevent a smelly washing machine for example, an espresso machine that no longer becomes properly hot or that is very noisy, but also the possibility of unhygienic conditions in your kitchen. Most household appliances make our life a lot easier, and others we cannot even do without! Its logical therefore that all you want is for these appliances to work properly for as long as possible.

Tips for cleaning appliances

We have listed a number of tips for you for:
Cleaning the dishwasher
Cleaning the washing machine
• Thoroughly cleaning the oven or microwave

Each of these maintenance and cleaning tasks requires a different approach, which you can read more about in the links above.

General cleaning tips for appliances

First and foremost, we advise that appliances are cleaned regularly, especially if you use them (almost) daily. The appliances should preferably be cleaned directly after use. This will prevent any dirt accumulating, and other problems. Of course, the professional HG products also help to get everything cleaned easily and effectively, even for tasks that might initially seem impossible. Think in terms of a greasy oven, for example, that hasn't been cleaned for a long time. Click through the range above to find a product to help you with your specific cleaning task.