How to fix a washing machine | Tips for preventing faults in a washing machine

Maintaining a washing machine is important to prevent faults. It means your washing machine lasts longer too. People often forget to clean the less visible parts. For example cleaning the seal or the filter of the washing machine. In this article we give a number of tips that help with maintaining a washing machine. You prevent faults in the washing machine and your washing machine will lasts longer.

Causes of faults in a washing machine

how to fix a washing machine

Faults in a washing machine often occur because the washing machine is not maintained, cleaned or descaled properly. Read our tips for cleaning a washing machine and descaling a washing machine. It is also important to maintain a washing machine. That means removing the filter and cleaning the less visible parts on a regular basis. Crucial components of a washing machine are often a cause of faults, for example:

  • Defective heating element
  • Dirty filter 
  • Dirty float 
  • Accumulated dirt in the drain hose

For a long lifespan and a properly working washing machine you need to know how to clean the washing machine filter and the washing machine seals.

Consequences of poor washing machine maintenance

If you do not clean these crucial components, this can have nasty consequences, including:

  • Not draining or spinning.
  • Detergent tray leaks or does not issue detergent.
  • Leaks from the door and the drain.
  • The washing machine does not heat up.
  • The laundry doesn't get clean.

To prevent nasty consequences, like washing machine leaks, it is important to give a washing machine the required maintenance once every so often. If you do not carry out maintenance on your washing machine, it is possible that it no longer works properly after a period of time. The components wear quicker and the washed laundry does not smell as fresh as it used to.

How to clean a washing machine rubber seal

how to clean a washing machine filter

HG washing machine and dishwasher deep clean and service is ideal for given the washing machine a good service. Our cleaner maintains the washing machine and makes sure that the washing machine is cleaned in the most difficult to reach places. For example the filters, floats and the drain hose. 

Does your washing machine smell and the laundry no longer smells fresh after a cycle? That could be because of dirt and residues that stay in the drain hose, filters and the seals. HG washing machine cleaner and odour freshener is the solution for giving your washing machine a natural fresh scent again. 

This is how you use HG washing machine and dishwasher deep clean and service:

  1. In washing machines, the main detergent tray or the machine itself must be filled with one whole bottle of HG washing machine and dishwasher deep clean and service.
  2. Do not add laundry or detergent. Set the programme on the setting for dark laundry (60°C).
  3. Switch the empty washing machine on and let the programme finish completely, without interrupting, including spin drying. The washing machine is ready for use.

Maintain the washing machine with these DIY tips

HG also selected a number of tips on the internet that may help you with maintaining your washing machine. However, HG cannot guarantee that these tips actually work. For a guaranteed result, we recommend HG washing machine and dishwasher deep clean and service

  1. Run a washing programme at high temperatures once or twice a month. Set the temperature at 60 degrees. This helps to limit the growth of bacteria. If the washing machine stinks, you can run a programme at 90 degrees.
  2. After a cycle, use the “Extra rinse” option. That ensures that more water is used to rinse away the dirt and the detergent. 
  3. Clean the detergent drawer regularly. The residues of detergent or fabric softener can cause a smell. 
  4. Check and clean the washing machine filter. This is often behind a flap at the front of the washing machine.
  5. Check and clean the drain hose.
  6. Check and clean the rubber seal of the door.

Frequently Asked Questions about maintaining a washing machine

Why should I maintain my washing machine?

If the washing machine is not cleaned and maintained regularly, the lifespan of the machine is reduced.

What causes the faults?

The most common causes are too much detergent and the build-up of scale during every cycle.

Which HG product is most suitable for maintaining a washing machine?

We recommend using HG washing machine and dishwasher deep clean and service for a proper service. For a smelly washing machine, HG washing machine cleaner and odour freshener is ideal. For descaling the washing machine we recommend HG descaler for appliances.

What is the best way to maintain my washing machine?

HG washing machine and dishwasher deep clean and serviceHG washing machine cleaner and odour freshener and HG descaler for appliances are three products that could help with maintaining the washing machine. If you would like to have a go yourself first, there are few DIY tips earlier on in the article.

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