Why does my dishwasher smell          

how to stop the dishwasher from smelling It’s not great when you open the dishwasher and it stinks or smells musty. It is a good idea to remove the smells from the dishwasher on a regular basis. Also because the dishes become less clean when there are many residues around. 

A smelly dishwasher is usually caused by grease, food and soap residues. They can adhere to the pipes, filters and rubbers. It is a good idea to remove grease, food and soap from the dishwasher on a regular basis. A dishwasher can also become smelly if you don’t use it for a little while. That is when the dishwasher starts to smell musty.

A smelly dishwasher smells fresh again with HG

HG for smelly dishwashers is the solution for a smelly dishwasher. This dishwasher cleaner effectively removes dirt in the smelly dishwasher. And in doing so products a dishwasher with a fresh scent. 

Furthermore, using this product improves hygiene and cleaner dishes. You can use HG for smelly dishwashers once or twice a week. This is how you prevent a smelly dishwasher.

Would you like to clean the dishwasher properly to prevent faults? Use HG service engineer for washing machines and dishwashers This prevents dirty filters, floats, drain pipes and other difficult to reach parts of the dishwasher. 

Complete the following steps to use HG for smelly dishwashers to produce a freshly scented dishwasher:

You can use it whilst the dishwasher is loaded or empty. If you want to use HG for smelly dishwashers whilst it is loaded, that works the same way as when you do it when it is empty, but you put a dishwasher tablet in the cutlery drawer or basket.

Use in an empty dishwasher:

  1. Add 4 caps (40 gram) of dishwasher cleaner to the tablet tray.
  2. Let the empty dishwasher run through a normal cycle (approximately 50°C).
  3. Repeat once every two weeks.

3 tips for a smelly dishwasher and how to prevent this

smelly dishwasher There are also some DIY tips for a smelly dishwasher. They are less effective than HG for smelly dishwashers. However, they may be worth a try. Particularly to prevent a dirty smell in a dishwasher. Would you like to clean the dishwasher properly? View our tips for cleaning the dishwasher properly.

1. Lemon
You can use lemon to remove the smell from the dishwasher. Drizzle a few drops of lemon juice in your dishwasher. Add a few slices of lemon to the cutlery tray. Switch on the dishwasher. Either an empty dishwasher or with a full load. This neutralises the dirty smell.

2. Clean parts
This seems perfectly logical. Clean your dishwasher. Remember specific parts. Particularly the filter, rubbers near the door and the spray arms. Clean these parts regularly. They are the places where soap and food residues remain.

3. Other dishwasher tablets
Although this does not happen too often, you could be using the wrong dishwasher tablets. It could be that you have a certain type of dishwasher that needs specific dishwasher tablets. Or a specific ratio of salt and shine agent. You could try different dishwasher tablets if your dishwasher starts to smell quickly.

If the above methods don’t help, or not well enough, try HG for smelly dishwashers.
If you have another good tip for dealing with smelly dishwashers, please let us know!

Frequently Asked Questions about how to get rid of smells in the dishwasher

My dishwasher smells! Why?

A smelly dishwasher is often caused by grease, food or soap residues.

My dishwasher stinks. What can I do about a smelly dishwasher?

There are various things you can do against a smelly dishwasher:

  • Drizzle lemon juice in the dishwasher and add slices of lemon to the cutlery drawer.
  • Clean the filter, the rubbers and the spray arms regularly.
  • Use different dishwasher tablets if the dishwasher starts to smell quickly.

Which HG product do I use for a smelly dishwasher?

HG for smelly dishwashers removes dirt from the smelly dishwasher effectively and in doing so produces a dishwasher with a fresh scent.

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