Tips: cleaning & maintaining your home and interior

With HG's tips, cleaning your home is much easier. Leather, wooden or upholstered furniture and even leather clothing will be clean in no time with the advice below. Your interior stays beautiful and you have time to do something fun!

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Tips for cleaning

Tips for cleaning

There are all kinds of household cleaning chores that need to be done, but which take up an awful lot of time. Valuable time that you don't really have or you'd prefer to spend doing other things. HG has collected a number of tips and advice for you to save time and effort doing house work!

Interior maintenance

Wooden furniture
Start by checking wooden furniture and other wooden objects for woodworm from time to time. The best maintenance for your wooden furniture depends on the type of wood. It's sensible to regularly apply an oil to teak furniture, for example HG nourishing furniture oil for teak to keep it well nourished and protected, and in good condition. HG not only has nourishing furniture oil for teak wood, but also for mahogany, oak, cherry and walnut.

Upholstered furniture
Upholstered sofas and comfortable chairs also need regular maintenance. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and crumbs, and remove stains using the HG spot & stain spray cleaners. After use, these sprays also have a dirt-repellent effect. The HG deep cleaner for leather is the ideal way of cleaning sofas made from full aniline and nubuck types of leather, deep into the pores of the leather finish. HG carpet and upholstery cleaner (product 95) removes dirt from carpet and upholstery, and fills the uneven fibre surface with a dirt-resistant layer.

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